Food containers


Seeking safer packaging. Ranking packaged food companies on BPA.

This report, published in 2010, sets out the conclusions of a survey conducted in the USA among companies operating in the food sector by Green Century Capital Management (a strategy consulting firm specialising in responsible investments, founded by an NGO partnership in 1991) and As you sow (an NGO founded in 1992) to determine the extent of the action they had taken or planned to take to replace BPA in food packaging. It follows on from the report published in 2009.

Review of alternatives to BPA

ANSES has produced a report reviewing the possible alternatives to BPA in its different fields of application. BPA is primarily used in polycarbonate, in epoxy resins coating the inside of food tins, and as a developer in thermal paper (till receipts). 73 alternative solutions were identified. Link to the ANSES report on BPA replacement.

Another report, in two volumes, presents the results of a collective study assessing the risks posed by BPA to human health.