What are the main materials in which BPA is found?

What are the main materials in which BPA is found?

BPA is present in some plastics as a monomer, i.e. part of the polymer chain.

The main materials concerned are:

  • Polycarbonate: kitchen utensils, childcare items, etc.
  • BPA-based epoxy resins: food tins, drinks cans, etc.


Other materials that rarely or never come into contact with food are also concerned:

  • Other plastics:
    • Polyester carbonate: microwave doors, etc.;
    •  Polyetherimide: hot drinks machine pumps;
    •  Polysulfone: filtration membranes for drinking water;
    •  Polyarylate: water treatment (conduits, pumps);
    • etc.
  • Other resins:
    • Vinylester resins: shipbuilding, flooring, etc.;
    • Phenolic resins: coatings for the construction industry, the transport industry, etc.;
    •  etc.)


BPA can also be used as an additive in several plastics and resins:

  • As a hardening agent in epoxy resins and other resins;
  • As a polyamide stabiliser in electro-technical applications;
  • As an antioxidant in the rubber used to make tyres, etc.


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