200 chemicals with a chemical structure similar to bisphenol A may be on the European market

Edited on 09/24/2018
The Swedish chemicals agency KEMI published a study identifying 200 chemicals with a chemical structure similar to BPA likely to be on the European market. Among these substances, 37 bisphenols could have endocrine disrupting properties and six of these bisphenols were considered problematic due to their properties and uses. This study is therefore a useful source of information to avoid a "regrettable" substitution by a molecule presenting dangers similar to BPA.
News text: 

Some alternatives to BPA are other bisphenols, some of which may have endocrine disrupting properties. According to a methodology based on grouping substances based on their chemical structure and their possible use in different applications, the Swedish Chemicals Agency KEMI has identified more than 200 substances with a chemical structure similar to BPA and likely to to be on the European market.

These substances complete the list of bisphenols established in the technical and economic data of INERIS dedicated to bisphenols F and S.

According to the results of QSAR * data simulation, 37 bisphenols of this list can have endocrine disrupting properties.

Six of these 37 bisphenols, namely: bisphenol A, bisphenol F, bisphenol M, bisphenol S, benzophenone-2 and 2,2-bis (4'-hydroxyphenyl) -4-methylpentane would have both properties and uses that, in the opinion of KEMI Agency, could be problematic.

As part of this report, KEMI also analyzed the information in patents to get an idea of ​​potential future applications of bisphenols. This work has highlighted a potential use for the thermal paper production of some bisphenols that had never been associated with this application until then.


* Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship

For additional information:

https://www.kemi.se/global/rapporter/2017/rapport-5-17-bisfenoler-en-kartlaggning-och-analys.pdf (in Swedish)


The publication of this information doesn't mean that INERIS validate it.