AKESTRA, a copolymer able to replace polycarbonate in the construction sector

Edited on 11/16/2017
Perstorp company markets AKESTRA 110, a transparent co-polyester which meets the top-rated classification for fire safety in the building and construction industries.
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The Mitsubishi company has developed the AKESTRA co-polyesters able to replace polycarbonate for various applications such as food containers, construction materials, etc. According to Perstorp, the AKESTRA polymers offer high performance in terms of transparency, strength and resistance to high temperatures (up to 110 ° C for AKESTRA 110).

AKESTRA 110 is a thermoplastic that can be used as a substitute for polycarbonate for building and construction applications such as transparent building boards and lighting fixtures. Without needs of any additives, the AKESTRA 110 thermoplastic meets fire classification B according to EN 13501-1, which corresponds to the highest level for fire safety in building and construction... This material is compatible with several processing processes: extrusion, injection molding or blow molding.

AKESTRA range is distributed in Europe by Perstorp.

For additional information: https://www.perstorp.com/en/products/plastic_materials/heat_resistant_plastic

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