An alternative to polycarbonate -based on marine brown algae- for food containers

Edited on 08/27/2015
“Algoblend®” is an alternative to polycarbonate for the production of food containers, but also other articles in rigid plastic. This material is based on marine brown algae.
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The ALGOPACK Company from Saint-Malo (France) develops and distributes to the manufacturers bio plastic granules called "Algoblend® ". This bio plastic is composed exclusively of brown algae: it allows the realization of rigid objects without using bisphenol. According to the company, the price of “Algoblend®” is the same as that of the plastic granules.

For manufacturers, no change in the manufacturing process is necessary (these granules allow extrusion, injection molding or thermoforming). This raw material is used instead of polycarbonate in various articles (e.g. rigid food containers, cutlery trays for catering, but also sunglasses, phone covers ...).

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