An alternative to polycarbonate for a large number of applications

Edited on 11/20/2017
The company EVONIK markets the TROGAMID range, polyamides able to replace polycarbonate in various fields (drinking water, medical, electrical / electronics, automotive, optics, ...).
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The range of polyamides able to replace BPA-based polycarbonates is wide: we previously presented the products RILSAN (ARKEMA) and GRIMALID (EMS GRIVORY).

The range TROGAMID of the Evonik company confirms this availability of alternatives to polycarbonate.

According to the EVONIK company that markets TROGAMID range, these products have similar characteristics than those of polycarbonate (transparency, self extinction, impact and thermal resistances, ...).

These products find applications in various fields thanks to their properties :

- Electrical / electronics: relay housings, switches (including high-voltage switch housings), cable glands, battery seals, ...

- Industrial production: flow meters, liquid level indicators, battery seals, housings, windows and inspection glasses, filter cups for water, fuels and compressed air, ...

- Drinking water sector: sport drink bottle, parts for domestic water filtration

- Medical equipment (some products of the TROGAMID range comply with the criteria of the USP Class VI and ISO 10993 standards): hearing aids, dialyzer parts, housings, covers, fluid and drug delivery equipment such as stop-cocks

- Automotive sector: operational controls of the vehicle such as red switches for hazard warning lights

- Optics: glasses of sunglasses and sports glasses (ski masks, ...), eyeglass frames

- Food containers (products in the TROGAMID range meet the requirements of Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011

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