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Edited on 05/02/2019
ECHA and the Belgian authorities jointly organized a workshop last March on the substitution of bisphenol A in thermal papers. This workshop brought together various stakeholders of the supply chain and enable the presentation of alternatives to BPA in thermal paper, available or emerging.
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In view of the forthcoming entry into force of the restriction of bisphenol A in thermal papers, ECHA and the Belgian public authorities (Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy and FPS Health, food chain safety and environment) organized a workshop in Brussels on 26 March 2019 on substitution of this substance in thermal papers.

This workshop brought together several actors of the thermal paper supply chain (thermal paper manufacturers, producers of chemical alternatives to BPA, converters, thermal paper users), members of research institutes, regulatory bodies , representatives of NGOs, trade unions, professional associations.

The purpose of this event, through presentations and break-out group discussions, was to present available and emerging BPA alternatives ; to discuss the road to  the intensification of the production of safer and more durable thermal papers; to identify next steps to advance the development and adoption of sustainable alternatives. INERIS also presented the process used to label thermal papers "without added phenols" with retail players.

The presentations as well as the summary of the reflections carried out during the discussions in break-out group are available via this link.

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