Europe strengthened the classification of Bisphenol A.

Edited on 12/01/2016
The European Commission adopted the proposal of classification of BPA in the Category 1B as toxic to reproduction.
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In 2014, at the initiative of France, the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) of ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) had agreed to a more stringent classification of bisphenol A.

ECHA had then submitted the opinion to the European Commission, and the European Commission adopted a more stringent classification of bisphenol A in the CLP Regulation («Classification, Labelling and Packaging») by changing its toxicity level from the category of “Suspected human reproductive toxicant” (Category 2) to the category "Presumed human reproductive toxicant" (Category 1B). Enacted on the July 19 2016, the amendment will be applicable the 1st March 2018.

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