European Commission publishes roadmap for restrictions on chemicals

Edited on 05/20/2022
As part of the European Union's Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the European Commission presented its roadmap on 25 April 2022 with potential restrictions on the use of PFAS, bisphenols and C4-C6 phthalates.
News text: 

The European Commission has released on 25 April the roadmap. under the EU’s Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability.

The document details ongoing works on future restrictions: some are already in the pipeline, while others relate to substances and hazard endpoints that will be considered by ECHA in the coming years.

Restrictions may focus on entire families of substances for a range of uses (industrial, professional, consumer), e.g. PFAS, bisphenols and C4-C6 phthalates. A restriction on PVC and its additives (including phthalates and bisphenol A) is planned but is not currently on the register of restriction intentions.

The list of the targeted substances is evolving. It will be updated once a year and derogations could be granted for uses considered as "essential for society" (the definition of this notion is currently being drawn up by the European Commission).

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