Food packaging: Edible Bioplastics made from milk.

Edited on 01/14/2016
A bioplastic from milk protein is under development for the food packaging in the form of flexible pouches. These packages could eventually replace containers using previously Bisphenol A.
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The LACTIPS Company, a startup installed in the Rhône -Alpes (France), has patented a bioplastic using milk as raw material (based on casein being the milk protein). The manufacturer of this bioplastic indicates that this product is biodegradable, bio-based, water soluble and edible (packaging could then be incorporated into the recipe of the finished product, it would be for example tea bags, bags of chocolate, sugar or syrup).

In the food market, this new technology would replace some of the packaging making use previously of bisphenol A, particularly substitution of metal containers in which the metal was covered with a resin that may contain BPA (preparations for early childhood as powdered milk and baby food, cans and syrups...). Different applications of these packaging are being developed.


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