Metal lids « BPA NI1» for the food glass packaging.

Edited on 09/28/2015
Metal lids for closing food glass packaging (as jam jar) are available on the market.
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FINDAPACK Company (French distributor of food packaging) informed us of one new product of VECAPS company (VECAPS is a manufacturer of metal closures for glass packaging; Brand: Veseal®) :  “BPA NI1” metal lids i.e. lids whose seal and coating are without BPA. These TWSIT OFF covers are used for some jam jars, tomato sauce, terrines...

This industrial refused to detail the materials used for these purposes. Nevertheless, it indicates that this product has an identical employability to previous lids generations: no change in the tools or hot fill process (pasteurization or sterilization) is thus needed.

These lids are now available from several distributors as FINDAPACK, EMBELIA, …

BPA NI1: Unintentional bisphenol A

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