Oligomers from soybean oil as an alternative to BPA.

Edited on 06/26/2017
Soy-PK is an alternative biosourced resin to epoxy resins based on bisphenol A for applications in the sector of metal food packaging.
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The Ohio Soybean Council (OSC), in partnership with researchers of the Battelle company in Columbus, developed Soy-PK resin, a BPA-free biosourced resin (obtained from acetoacetylation of soybean oil) for the metal food packaging market (beverage and food cans).

The Soy-PK resin can be combined with various crosslinkers selected according to the desired properties on the final product (the acetoacetyl fonctional group reacts with amines, hexamethylol melamine, isocyanates and acrylics).

According to its designers, the coating resulting from the crosslinking of Soy-PK with melamine would have, in comparison with a commercial BPA resin coating, the same performances of chemical and corrosion resistance and a better mechanical resistance.

Soy-PK resin can be pigmented and applied using various methods: spray, dip or roller.

Sources consulted do not yet mention industrial applications.

For additional information: http://www.pcimag.com/articles/101988-high-solids-reactive-oligomers-derived-from-soybean-oil


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