PET to package tomato sauce, compotes and jams.

Edited on 11/24/2015
The PLASTIPAK PACKAGING group has put on the market a range of sterilizable PET Thermalite jars.
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This lightweight packaging is designed for market of hot sauces, jams and compotes. PET is one of the available alternatives suitable to replace the previously used packaging materials as glass, and cans which could contain bisphenol A (especially by the use of some epoxy resin coatings).

According to its manufacturer, PET Thermalite, thanks to its formulation contains no BPA, has both the characteristics of the glass for heat treatment (up to 95 ° C) and the advantages of plastic: it is unbreakable and light.

The first PET Thermalite pots of tomato sauces has been commercialized since the first quarter of 2015 under the label "Zapetti" of Raynal et Roquelaure company. However, in the case of this company, PET Thermalite replaces glass jars, and not cans.


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