Uncertainty concerning the dangers of BPS

Edited on 01/19/2013
One of the substitutes for BPA, Bisphenol S, is suspected to be an endocrine disruptor.
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Bisphenol S, one of the potential substitutes for Bisphenol A, is suspected of being an endocrine disruptor in its own right. Bisphenol S is used as a BPA substitute in PES (Polyethersulfone), a plastic used as a substitute for Polycarbonate. It is also used instead of BPA in thermal paper. A study conducted by the University of Texas published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives* describes for the first time how BPS disrupts hormonal responses in rat cells.

*Source: R.Viñas, C.S.Watson. Environmental Health Perspectives, 17 January 2013, http://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/1205826/

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