Thermal paper


EMPACK 2016 - LABEL&PRINT 2016 - PACKAGING INNOVATION 2016 – Zürich (Switzerland).

The EMPACK 2016, LABEL&PRINT 2016 and PACKAGING INNOVATION 2016 salons will be held in parallel in Zürich from 6 to 7 April 2016.

These three salons will bring together international manufacturers to inform industry of new packaging solutions and labeling across all industrial sectors.

During these two days, as part of learnShops ™, these salons will offer presentations and expert lectures on topical issues about technologies of packaging and printing, and about materials.

PACKAGING INNOVATION 2016 – Birmingham (United Kingdom)

The appointment "Packaging Innovations" will be held in conjunction with the “Empack” and “Label & Print” salons in Birmingham (24 & 25 February 2016).

On the occasion of this salon, international manufacturers present their latest trends and innovations in printing material, sustainable packaging, materials, design, machinery, equipment...

During the salon, will be held conferences dedicated to the pharmaceuticals and to beverages.

PAPERWORLD in Frankfurt (Germany).

Paperworld will begin late January in Frankfurt. Professional sectors stationery, office supplies and school supplies will be present (including thermal paper producers / distributors).

PAPERWORLD is an international fair for stationery and office supplies.

Seventeen exhibitors will present applications in the field of thermal paper (paper rolls, adhesive labels, fax paper ...).


This report, published in January 2014 by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), provides information on bisphenol A (BPA), its use in the manufacture of thermal paper and on alternatives to such use. Based on interviews with technical experts, including stakeholders, EPA has identified nineteen alternatives. In addition to information about the potential dangers of BPA and possible alternatives, information on the technical and economic tradeoffs associated with each option are presented.

Technical and economic data on chemical substances in France: Bisphenol F and Bisphenol S (and others).

Bisphenols F and S are organic compounds, their chemical formulas are respectively C13H12O2and C12H10O4S and their CAS number are respectively 620-92-8 and 80-09-1.

Identified sources of bisphenols F and S are exclusively anthropogenic. Bisphenol F is used in epoxy resins and thermal papers, bisphenol S is used in epoxy resins, polycarbonate, polyethersulphone, thermal papers, phenolic resins and polyester resins.