Edited on 07/21/2015
For conserving food at home, glass manufacturers are diversifying their offerings and guarantee the absence of bisphenol A in their products.
Edited on 05/04/2015
Alternative materials for polycarbonates are used for the manufacture of containers. They are intended for catering (e.g. containers with lid and graduation for food).
Edited on 02/02/2015
French legal text: Suspension of the manufacture, import, export and marketing of any food packaging intended to contain bisphenol A.
Edited on 01/29/2015
The APPVION Company marketed thermal paper whose thermal developer is vitamin C.
Edited on 01/29/2015
Pergafast® 201 is the trade name of an alternative to the Bisphenol A for its color developer application used in thermal papers
Edited on 01/29/2015
The French Government report on Bisphenol A substitution) was published in mid-November 2014 to the French Parliament. This report describes some alternatives to BPA for several practical industrial uses.
Edited on 11/04/2014
The last SNA-BPA (national service of assistance for BPA substitution) newsletter has just been published.
Edited on 10/29/2014
Since october 2014 the website of the SNA-BPA is also available in English!
Edited on 10/10/2014
The European Commission has set a migration limit of BPA at 0.1 mg / L in toys intended for use by children under 3 years and in toys intended to be mouthed.
Edited on 07/16/2014
INERIS is publishing a "technical-economic" datasheet pertaining to the main uses, quantities produced and emitted into the environment, and alternatives to bisphenol F and bisphenol S.